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Hands (Wool Spinning in Donegal)

Hands (Wool Spinning in Donegal)

Filmed in 1978 in Kilcar and Carrick.

I'm from: United States, VA (edit) and

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How To Spin Yarn Using A Drop Spindle

This guide shows you How To Spin Yarn Using A Drop Spindle Watch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-drop-spindle Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...

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How To Spin Yarn On A Spinning Wheel

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Overhand Spinning Technique for Handspinning Yarn

This video shows the overhand spinning technique, which is a method discussed by David Keller in his Curious Mondo Class (2016). This approach and hand-position is distinct from the more traditiona...

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Ashford - How to spin

Learn to spin on an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.

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Woolen Yarn Spinning

Blessed Earth Organic Weave carpet range manufacturing process.

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how to spin sheeps wool

Here I show how you can spin wool on a spinning wheel,

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Spinning Wheel - From Wool to Yarn

The spinning wheel is turning on this episode, as Trav's friend Liza shows us how she spins wool into yarn using wool she was given from a local farmer. Outdoors with Trav brings you expert...

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Romanian Peasant Wool Spinning

86 YO Romanian peasant Tofan Magdalena from the village of Iaslovăț. Bucovina hand spinning wool on a distaff by use of an old traditional manual spindle. Full Story: http://peasantartcraft.com/...

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Spinning wool video

This video is about Spinning wool video.

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Hands: Wool Spinning

RTÉ documentary series exploring the craft traditions of Ireland.

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Spinning Auora Borealis Yarn

Spinning a braid of \

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Wool spinning by hand

Kay Anderson shows us how wool is spun in the traditional way.

finds a user from Belgium on Mar 22, 2012
I am working on a masterthesis on livingconditions of late medieval woollens craftman in Mechelen (Belgium)a living experience is worth more than a dull description
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Old lady spinning wool with a distaff in Breb Romania

Old lady (baba) spinning wool with a distaff in Breb, Maramures Romania.

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UK wool industry spinning back into business

As CNN's Jim Boulden explains, the wool industry in the UK is spinning back into business.

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How to Spin Yarn from Wool for Beginners

Learn how to spin yarn from wool in this easy HD video. Beginner spinners will learn how to draft fiber, how to spin yarn from wool locks, how to spin yarn from wool top, how to spin a batt,...

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Spinning Woolen Yarn with Amy Tyler Preview

Join expert spinning instructor Amy Tyler and learn all about woolen spinning! Get this video at http://www.Interweavestore.com.

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Wool n' Spinning presents: The Short Forward Draft

Thank you for watching! For more, visit welfordpurls.com. Welcome to the short forward draft! This is the beginning of a series of short videos chronicling the typical drafts you will see...

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English Angora Wool Dying it, Spinning it, Crocheting it

Taking English Angora Rabbit wool, dying it, spinning it and crocheting it.

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Spinning yarn into business

US knitters and crocheters spend a lot of money on their hobbies, an estimated $3bn a year. In 2009, Danielle Romanetti had both a full-time career and a part-time business teaching people...

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spinning roving into yarn

Using an Ashford spinning wheel to spin roving.

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Spin Like a Viking

How to Spin like a Viking Woman! I concentrate on the re-created tools for spindle sticks and removable whorls and whether they are top-weighted or bottom-weighted. I also introduce the use...

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How to spin chunky yarn

How to spin chunky soft singles. Suitable for knitting, weaving, crocheting blankets, throws and more. Yarn is softly spun then felted. This gives you a stable yet soft yarn to work with....

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Spinning and drafting fine yarn, up close

I'm spinning a 3 ply lace weight yarn, and thought it might be helpful to show the fibers up close as they are spun into an extra fine single. You can see the scale of the single in relation...

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Episode 13: How To Turn Wool Into Yarn

Jenna goes through the process of making yarn by hand using simple hand tools. All you need is some wool (Thank you, Sal the ten-year-old sheep!), liquid dish soap, hand carders, and a drop...

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Spinning Fiber Mill Ends (Lap Waste) Wool Roving (Melissa Spins)

In this video Melissa describes her approach to spinning fiber that is called lap waste or mill ends. This is fiber that is a waste product of spinning mills in the fiber industry. Home spinners...

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Making an Art Yarn, Dyeing, blending on a hackle, and spinning

how I made the yarn \

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Spinning yarn in the Andes (Tapalla, Perú) / Hilar

A speaker of the Huangáscar dialect of Yauyos Quechua spins wool while she talks about spinning and local life and lore. Una locutora de la lengua Yauyos (dialecto de Huangáscar) hila mientras...

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Country Wool Spinning Retreat \

CAT takes a trip to the Country Wool Spinning Retreat \

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Kyrgyz Woman Spinning Yak Wool

Kyrgyz woman spinning wool in farmhouse in Tajikistan. We were at 13000ft so it was either goat or Yak wool... no sheep at this elevation.

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