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Wool Spinning video

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More Wool Spinning videos

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How To Spin Wool From Sheep To Sweater

Link mother was very kind and even took the time to demonstrate how sheep wool is processed from sheep to sweater. Links parents brought out all sorts of ...

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Introduction to Spinning, Part 1

If you're interested in spinning your own yarn, this video provides you with all the information you need to get started. Park and draft with a drop spindle with this ...

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Crash Course in Hand Spinning Wool

I started with a drop spindle so here I show you how to learn spinning at no cost.

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Wool spinning by hand

Kay Anderson shows us how wool is spun in the traditional way.

finds a user from Belgium on Mar 22, 2012
I am working on a masterthesis on livingconditions of late medieval woollens craftman in Mechelen (Belgium)a living experience is worth more than a dull description
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How To Use A Spinning Wheel To Spin Wool Into Yarn

Step by step instructions on how to spin yarn using a spinning wheel. Music by Jerry Wickham Used with permission.

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English Angora Wool Dying it, Spinning it, Crocheting it

Taking English Angora Rabbit wool, dying it, spinning it and crocheting it.

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Spinning yarn from wool just sheared from a sheep

A spinner and weave spin yarn from the wool of a newly sheared sheep the old fashioned way at a Scottish Festival outside Cleveland Ohio.

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Picking and carding Wool and Alpaca for Hand Spinning - Fiber Preparation Part 1

Fiber preparation for hand spinning - picking and carding.

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Spinning wool on a distaff

Demo of spinster using a distaff dressed with carded Romney batts. Several batts are used and wound around sideways. They are secured to the cage with a ...

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Steel Wool Spinning Tutorial

A quick how to on steel wool spinning. This tutorial discuses materials needed and a few general settings for your camera. I know the video runs well past the ...

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Spinning a Wool Batt into Yarn on a Schacht Ladybug and Ashford Country Spinner

It's easy to spin yarn from carded batts of wool! This Free Tutorial was made by Ashley Martineau Author, Spinning and Dyeing Yarn Boston Area SpinOlution ...

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Drafting Wool for Spinning - Tutorial by Megan LaCore

http://www.theartofmegan.com In this instructional video, you'll learn to prepare wool or other fibers for making handspun yarn. Megan shows how to split roving, ...

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Steel Wool Sparklers - Hard Science

Create your own ring of fire with spinning steel wool sparklers! Join Anthony and Tara as they fire dance their way into the New Year. Experiment Tips: -Wear ...

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Getting to Know Your Wool - Learn to Spin with a Drop Spindle: Part 1 - Tutorial - Expertly Dyed

As promised, Jen from Expertly Dyed shows you how to spin with a drop spindle. Making your own yarn is easy and fun, but there is a small learning curve. Also ...

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An excerpt from Wolf Creek Productions film, Clara Sherman Navajo Weaver. Navajo Weaver Clara Sherman teaches how to card and Spin wool in preparation ...

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Hand spinning wool in Northern Ireland

Video by Peter Matthess. Autumn colours in Northern Ireland, featuring hand-spinning naturally dyed wool, dyed with 'horsetail'. Check out ...

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A Glimpse of the 17th Century--Spinning Wool

Historic Griffith Morgan House in Pennsauken, NJ, hosted an event called \

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UK wool industry spinning back into business

As CNN's Jim Boulden explains, the wool industry in the UK is spinning back into business.

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Spinning and Dyeing Yarn Book Sneek Peek

I wrote this book for beginners who are interested in getting into the world of fiber arts, but may be overwhelmed with the technical side of spinning (people like ...

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Amazing Homemade Fireworks Spinning - Firewire Steel Wool

Amazing New Year's Eve Fireworks Spinning 2014. WATCH IN 1080 HD. Science is pretty cool. Its a simple combustion reaction of iron from the steel wool and ...

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Traditional way of processing wool

What people used to do with wool in rural part of Serbia.

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Spinning Angora yarn right off the bunny!

Friend of TFO Family Ministries, Jenn Phillips spins wool from the Angora rabbit sitting in her lap. \

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using hand carders with wool


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Steel Wool Photography Tutorial

GET THE E-BOOK HERE: http://trickphotographybook.com/ This photography video tutorial will show you how to burn and spin steel wool to create super cool ...

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Angora Rabbits, Spinning Buffalo Fiber - NYS Sheep and Wool Festival 2006 part 1 - lk2g-005

See what was going on at one of the largest fiber events in the country, the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY! Over 34000 people at ...

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How to burn and spin steel wool

Ever wondered how its done? Follow these easy steps and get burnt! SO MUCH FUN!...

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How to Use Wool Batts for Spinning

In this video here I show you how to use wool batts for spinning. There seems to be a misconception that batts should only be used for felting and rovings for ...

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Spinning a Thick and Thin Puff Yarn with WoolWench

This is just how I do it, making a slub yarn with thick puffs and thin bits in-between.

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Processing Wool Part 2 - Combing and spinning into yarn

My first try, a bit of a mess but the wool was strong.

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Learn to Spin Alpaca-wool- handcarding made ea

Here is a short video explaining how to hand card Alpaca fibre. I prefer to card and spin \

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Preparing wool batt for spinning

THis is one way to take a batt and make it ready for spinning. I take this layerd batt and pull it into roving and roll into a ball for easy storage and ready to spin.

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Carding Wool - Making Rolags

Handspinners who want to master long-draw drafting for woollen spinning need their fibres in a special form: carded rolags. Combed fibre won't do it -- neither ...

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Kyrgyz Woman Spinning Yak Wool

Kyrgyz woman spinning wool in farmhouse in Tajikistan. We were at 13000ft so it was either goat or Yak wool... no sheep at this elevation.

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Angora Rabbit wool demo

Demonstration of spinning wool right from an angora rabbit. Filmed at the Maryland sheep and wool festival.

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How to Spin Funky Art Yarn

Spin up some fun, funky, silly and crazy art yarn with flowers. I used a Lendrum Saxony wheel, but you can use a spindle if you like. All of these supplies are ...

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Spinning Wool Locks into Yarn on a Schacht Ladybug and Ashford Country Spinner

How to spin yarn from wool locks is also known as Tailspinning. It's a wonderfully creative and textured yarn that can be shaggy, curly, thick and thin, or bulky!

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